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Three Piano Raags | Digital Album

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These piano and tambura recordings bring together in the same album three extended Indian inspired raags. One of Gary's preferred modes of improvisation, the raag form colours the music in ways that reach out to the listener, healing the heart and freeing the soul

This Life In Music

Having played piano as a young child, having embraced jazz while travelling back-and-forth across Canada as a young man and having had the humbling good fortune to have studied piano and composition with gifted teachers, I appreciate that my life in music has been the best of good fortune.

Recordings have always been a continuous action behind and around my experiences in this fleeting art form; an attempt to create a kind of self reflection through listening to the ever growing hours of music, most of it certainly, solo piano.

It would be only natural that some of these recordings would reach a larger audience than myself, and so here, on this Shopify site, I have brought a number of albums, recorded at different times in different places, but always performed in the hope of communicating that strange but beautiful fact of live performance; that player and listener merge in the experience and co-create the art. Perhaps even make it art.

Even working solo and especially while improvising, it has always been my ideal that I first find that spirit of the listener and let an unseen support help create the music.

If my music brings some comfort, a peace of mind, even perhaps healing, then the effort is more than worthwhile. I remain deeply grateful for that shared experience.

J. Gary Sill

October, 2020, Halfmoon Bay, Canada